I haven’t done anything today except sleep and check my emails.  I slept in this morning after everyone left and am just now waking back up.  Bob is going to come home early since his cough is still so bad so I need to get up and get to doing a little bit–get dressed, etc.  I suppose I will try to spend the afternoon grading. I don’t know why I’m avoiding it so badly with this assignment. But I feel like I need to hand it back tomorrow so I am going to do my best to buckle down and do it.

I have this eerie feeling that I want to resign here in the middle of the semester so I won’t be taxed with grading any more.  But I can’t do that–I’ve just got to plow through and get it done.  Almost midterms and spring break so that will be nice to get paid and to know I’m halfway done.

So sleepy still.  I’m going to drink another Coke then get started.  Wish me well and that I can concentrate enough to finish.

PS The Coke helped.  I graded them all, finishing early in the afternoon.  Now I have time to go to the grocery store and I feel a lot better about myself.


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