Ready to Go!

All packed up and ready to go on our trip.  SHort post since we’re kind of in a hurry.  I am just so glad we’re able to go on a trip this year instead of putting time and money against an inpatient stay in the hospital like I did this time last year.

I do feel like I’ve come a long way.  I haven’t had suicidal thinking jump on me in a very long time and I had a small stutter step of instability from my hypomania around Thanksgiving and my little crash in January down from it.  But I am really feeling so much better right now I’m actually looking forward to going back to MC and finishing the semester.  Only a month and two weeks until we’re done with it so that is a good feeling.

I am also halfway through my classes I am taking at the W–I’ve written three papers and have three more to write for Forms in Drama and have some more responses and exercises to do for Memoirs.  I am looking forward to getting back into those as well.

I am just really looking forward to good things for the future now.  I have my stability back and I am so glad of it.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and wish us a good trip as a family.


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