Working Again

Classes have started back and I think my class went well this morning.  My back-row student is really trying to get back in the class–he answered a bunch of the questions showing that he had engaged or was engaging with the material so that looked good on his part.  We will see how he does.

We had a wonderful trip to Fairhope AL this weekend–we almost didn’t make it out of the driveway–we got a tire stuck in the mud of the yard and the truck didn’t want to move.  But we got a handle on it and got unstuck and went on our way.  We bought a carved life-sized bulldog puppy and put him in the house.  Bob said he finally found a dog that wouldn’t bother his allergies.  🙂  So that was nice.  We picked up a few other smaller pieces and what not.  Found some really cool little restaurants, particularly two Italian ones.  So that was nice as well.

I did really well–I didn’t get anxious and had a good time with my middle child and my youngest and Bob.  We talked a lot and enjoyed each other’s company in a really cool way.  Lots more relaxing than a dance competition trip.  We slept in well and didn’t rush to do anything.  When the weather didn’t cooperate Saturday afternoon, we went and watched “How to Train Your Dragon” 3.  So that was fun as well.

I am going to have to call Xfinity again to check on our internet–I could barely log on yesterday when we got home and then had difficulties this morning.  Maybe they will send someone out.  But I have a conference tonight and I can’t do it easily with the internet acting up.  So very frustrating.  I can’t use Bob’s computer because it doesn’t have a webcam on it.  So frustrating.

I guess I should go alert that teacher that I might not make it into the conference.  I guess I can go do that email right now.  Hopefully it will start acting better after I call back.  We will see.

Hope everyone has a good week back from spring break and from St. Patrick’s Day yesterday.  Only a month and three weeks until summer. Hang in there.


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