Another Doctor

Going to my dermatologist today for this breakout of my psoriasis.  It broke out over the weekend when I got so hot in the hotel room and it felt feverish yesterday so I called to see if I needed to put cold compresses on it or what, and he said he wanted to see me.  I’ve used the prescribed shampoos the past couple of days on it and while it doesn’t look better, it doesn’t itch and burn like it did.  So I think I will just go ahead and keep that up unless he wants me to use the steroid cream again. SO we will see.

I need to buckle down and do school work when I get back today after seeing him.  Do my Memoirs class discussion and start on my critical paper for Drama. I am really nervous about that one–I feel like I am just flying blind in there.  I will do the best I can and see what I can come up with on Shakespeare coining words and phrases.  Wish me well.

My mood is holding really well so far this spring.  I am certainly glad of that.  My dad and sister’s birthdays are coming up and we will go home for them.  I have presents bought and everything.  We go this weekend on my sister’s birthday.

I need to run so I can make the appointment.  Hope everyone has a good day and enjoys the sunny weather we have here.  Thanks for reading!



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