Happy Wednesday!

So today has gone well so far.  Class went well with engagement and all that sort of thing on the part of the students.  I feel really well myself–I feel like I’ve woken up from a long sleep and am awake for the first time in a couple of months.  I’m saying it’s the sunny weather that has me feeling more like myself.  No depression, no mania.  Just even keel.

I wrote a good bit about anxiety for my Memoirs class–the book we read studied anxiety, both in a historical context as well as a personal one from the author.  I’m glad I’m not feeling those severely anxious feelings anymore.  I worry a bit about my oldest one being off from us and so far away from home, but she seems to be adjusting well and making good decisions about life so that feels like not so pressing.  We go see her in July and are looking forward to that.  So things are going well on the anxiety front.

I finally made another round of phone calls to see if I could score another adjunct position somewhere in the metro area–I called Millsaps College, Holmes CC, Hinds CC, and Belhaven again to see what I could find out.  Hinds, where I’ve taught before, was the most forthcoming with the idea that I could teach lit courses, just one.  She said it was based on need and that they didn’t have as much use for adjuncts as they did when I first started with them since enrollment was down.  (That’s a sign of a good economy.) But she at least took my call and took down my information.

I wrote my paper for Drama last night and need to get it fixed up for final turn-in as soon as I hear from the professor how I can turn it in–the assignment is locked.  So we will see about that.  I hope it passes muster with him. I haven’t heard from my craft assignment so I feel a little nervous that it may not have done so well.  We will see.

I need to do attendance in my class if the computer will let me log into the system.  Hope everyone is having as good a day as I am so far.  Happy Wednesday!



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