I am taking things slowly today and enjoying the lack of pressure to get up and DO.  I have Bob’s laundry to do and maybe some food shopping unless I just decide to go tomorrow, so I can afford to take it slowly today.

Finished the only book in our memoir collection written by someone who claims to be a Christian.  So that was nice to see how she handled talking about her religious experience.  It was also the last one on the list so I am through reading for that class.  I can use the time to keep up with the reading in Drama now.

My Drama professor asked me in an email he sent to answer some questions for me if I was feeling better about the class.  I just didn’t answer him. I am frustrated beyond belief.  I thought I would learn what made up a play–something about dramaturgy, etc.  All I am getting is a history of drama, which I got in undergrad from Dr. Wayne Durst at Mississippi State.  We don’t have class discussions or  regular conferences.

I just feel like I am thinking I wasted my money signing up for the class, which I have never felt before in school, this program or any other one.  I have no idea how I will handle class evaluations.  I don’t really know any more than I did when I wrote Hurricane Baby what I am doing when I write a play. Maybe I am more considerate of the staging people, designing simpler sets.  Anyway.  I only have a month and a half left in it so I will manage.

My oldest called last night and we had a good conversation. She told us lots of Disney stories–on one of her shifts she deals directly with guests and she told some of the goofy stuff people do and say when they’re at Disney World.  Some of it was pretty unbelievable–I didn’t know people could be so particular about things as some guests seem to be.

I guess I wil run and start my day.  I hope I get work done today.  It’s such a pretty day I want to go sit outside some and I might after lunch.  We will see.  Happy Thursday!

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