Tech Troubles

So now the landline phone is down.  Between the internet and the phone we are a little incommunicando.  But a modem guy is supposed cone out this afternoon and replace it and Tuesday someone is supposed to come out and fix the phone.

So I scheduled my classes after talking to my professor on a video conference.  I am taking Graduate Nonfiction Workshop this fall and Full Residency this summer.  I need to do some shopping to get ready for the residency and will do that in the next couple of months.  I have all my manuscripts I plan to take ready so that will be easy, I think.  Two nonfiction, one fiction, and one poetry.  So we will see how they turn out.

I love the weather we are having.  It is nice to be outside and the sun be out and to have it streaming in through the kitchen windows next to my computer.  We finally got the yard mowed so it looks less scraggly.  Thankfully.

I suppose I will rest a bit today after I go to the grocery store to get some food for the weekend.  Hope everyone has a good weekend–we will go see my dad for his 71st birthday and my sister for her 38th.  So we have good plans.  Hope you all do too!

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