I’m calling it D-Day because I go see the dietician today and get started on a diet-for-life program today.  And because I do have an air of foreboding about it.  I’m going to have to relearn how to cook and somehow convince my family to eat in this new way with me for all of our sakes.  My youngest is the only one not in the obese range.  My oldest may be out of it by now with training for a marathon–I don’t know how much weight she has lost since she’s been in Florida.  But me and Bob definitely need to change our eating habits and all I can hope for is that he understands that I am doing this because I love him and myself and I want us to both be as healthy as we can be for as long as we can be.

We had a good weekend–went upstate and celebrated birthdays with my family–my sister and my daddy.  Bob didn’t go since he was too sick.  The pollen in the air is getting to him something terrible–and mom and dad’s house was covered with it inside and out.  So it was good that he didn’t go.  But we had fun seeing everyone and hanging out as a family. Mu middle one even poked her head up out from her studies and came across to eat with everyone.

Me and Candy head out Wednesday to go to my play’s staged reading–I’ll get to see the play I wrote last semester for playwriting workshop acted out somewhat.  They’ll be reading from scripts but have some latitude in acting the parts out on stage.  And as simple as I wrote the set, it will look right no matter how minimal they go with the staging.  I’m just looking forward to going to and seeing it and having a good time with Candy. We’ll be spending the night and coming back Thursday morning.

Had a bit of a scary moment in discussions last night.  One guy who seems to have been raised Christian but abandoned it as an adult said in passing on my comment about this week’s reading that he was a happier, healthier, more well-adjusted person for having left behind religion.  I just felt like God wanted me to respond with my testimony of having lived a sham Christian life until I was 42 when I really gave my life and soul over to Jesus and what the effect it had had on my freedom from the worst aspects of my disease. So I said that very politely and sat back and waited.  He didn’t respond to attack further, so I was relieved at that.  I had Bob read over it so it wouldn’t seem that I was attacking him, and he said it looked good, before I posted it.  But it was a little nerve-wracking.

Busy day ahead.  The rest of my office hours, going home and getting lunch, Going to the dietician’s, getting home to catch my youngest off the bus and getting her to dance, then a conference for my drama class tonight.  Fun, fun.  But I will get it all done.  Hope everyone has a good start to their week!


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