Still Waiting

We still don’t have phone service.  I waited around all day yesterday, and Bob had some choice words to the AT&T person he got when he called once he got home, especially when they said the outage had been marked “clear” on Saturday when he was home all day and no one ever showed up.

SO they promised to have someone out today to see if it is in the outside lines so we did not have to wait around.  He is so frustrated that he asked me to call CSpire and find out how much it would cost to get their fiberoptic lines set up for a home phone.

We just can’t go around depending on our cell phones because he can’t have his on at work and I can’t either, and I can’t answer the phone and talk while driving because my driving is sketchy enough.  Besides,  no one has ever promised that we won’t have another Katrina-level hurricane come through, so we need those landlines.  So we will see.

My mood is really good today–I’m looking forward to going to Columbus with Candy and seeing my play.  I think it will be so interesting to see what they do with it.  It’s very simple but packs a very relevant and good message to people I think.  At least I hope so.  We will see what the audience thinks.

Had conferences all morning with students and most of them seem to have a good handle on their projects, which I think is good.  I have three people doing essentially the same topic–some aspect of how social media affects us.  SO I will be worn out on that topic.  Other interesting ones are different conspiracies of the JFKennedy assassination and  benefits to society of the space program.  So that should be fun to read.

Hopefully it will be a nice ride up and a good rest of the day.  I have my bag packed and am ready whenever Candy finishes up work.  Wish everyone involved in the productions well!



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