Easter Weekend

We had a lovely Easter weekend–good weather, wonderful worship at our church, and good visits with family.  WE drove up to see my family on Saturday and went out to lunch with Bob’s family on Sunday.  My middle one came down for lunch and came back to the house to open and collect her birthday presents so that was nice as well.

I was productive yesterday–I wrote my craft paper for Drama and part of my critical paper as well.  I need to find out from my professor if my critical paper needs to be longer so I am waiting for that before continuing it or turning it in.  So we will see what happens.

Got a nasty surprise in Memoirs–we’re not doing another research topic–we’re doing a revision instead of what we’ve already done.  I was trying to save that for my final project–revising and expanding  all of them together.  But I guess I’ll rethink that based on the comments I get on this revised version.

We’re both going out to lunch with Bob today–we’re off from school for the holiday and are looking forward to that,  Then we go grocery shopping and see what all we need to buy,  which I think is going to be a good bit.

So hopefully me and the youngest can enjoy the rest of the day together.  We will see what happens.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week.

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