I slept better and therefore feel better.  I started grading this morning and plan to come back to it once I finish this blog.  Such a slog through the papers, though.  It takes about fifteen minutes to grade each one and with sixteen students, that’s a little over three hours worth of grading total.  So that’s no fun.  But it must be done and I can’t guarantee my mood will be better later on, so I will work today.

I go see the dietician today at one o’clock for more weigh-in and hopefully more advice on cutting back or on exercising.  I’ve started pacing around whenever I’m on the phone to increase my mobility somewhat and will probably start walking outside a little every day once school is out.    I know I’ve lost weight in that I am wearing a dress today that used to be very tight and now is only slightly tight.  Still have a long way to go however.

I know I try to stay positive on here, but I am really struggling right now.  I have papers to work on and am running out of time to put them off until I feel good enough to write them.  Four more assignments for Memoirs and two  more for Drama.   I am really feeling overwhelmed and nervy about them.  We will have to see what happens–I just hope I can get it all finished before May 8.  I have to, since I give a final on May 8 and turn the grades in the next morning.  Lethal amounts of stress if I don’t finish all the papers before that.

I am so very glad I took Memoirs, but I am glad I don’t have to take two classes at once again during my time to finish.  I will go to residency this summer, then two more classes (one fall and one spring), then thesis.  Somewhere I need to get one more hour of residency–possibly the fall one while I am working on thesis–then I will be done for sure.

Well, let’s get back to the papers.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week.



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