Long Day Ahead

I don’t know why it feels like a long day already, but it does.  I had class, people turned in their final paper for regular class, and I’ve printed out all the stuff for the final exam.  I just feel so weighted down today.  I feel like there’s a lot still to do–I have to grade the papers and hand them back Wednesday and go over the final exam then.  I am not looking forward to this process–it looks like it’s going to be a complicated thing to set up in the computer and of course, all kinds of user error and other things can crop up in such a process.  I just wish this class didn’t have so many requirements attached to it.  Ick.

All I have left to do in my classes are the finals–a final project I will do for Memoirs and then a final exam prompt for Drama that I can’t get into until May 5.  SO I will do the final project for Memoirs and turn it in before May 5, then do the Drama paper before May 8.  So that is my schedule for writing those papers.   I know what I’m doing for Memoirs and plan to start on that after I finish grading these papers.  I’m looking forward to it since the stuff I am exploring in Memoirs is going to be a part of my thesis that I haven’t yet written about. So it’s important to get this right and slot it into my document.

I need to wrap presents for my oldest when she comes home in May to open for her birthday.  I am looking forward to that–there’s a possibility that my middle one will still be home from college when the oldest comes in.  So hopefully we will have everyone in the house for two days for it to look like old times again.

I gave in and took my sedative again last night. I had been off of it because I hadn’t gotten it refilled on time, and I thought I would see if I could do without it at night because I was having so much daytime sleepiness.  But I wasn’t sleeping well at night without it–long periods of being awake and staring into the darkness.  ANd that’s not a good sign.  SO I started back on it and slept well last night.  Still crazy dreams but that’s nothing new.

Well, I need to get on with grading and what not.  Hope everyone has a successful week and enjoys the beginning of spring–it’s so pretty here today and is supposed to be all week.  Thanks for reading!

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