Mother’s Day Recap

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day–restful and happy.  My youngest daughter wrote me a card she made with the sweetest note inside all on her own–it made me very, very happy.  Bob brought in pizza for lunch and that was nice.  We’re going out for my official Mother’s Day lunch next Sunday so  we could avoid the crowds yesterday at a place we like so that was the plan all along.

I fasted and  prayed and read my Bible this morning before going to see one of our pastors.  I had felt God move me to see if my suicidal thinking was coming from my bipolar or if it was from something else, because the past two times I have had it, it has jumped on me out of nowhere.  Before ti was a result of my depression getting so deep that I didn’t see any other way out.  But these last two times it wasn’t like that.  I still went to the hospital since that is what you do when you are suicidal, but I wasn’t depressed  at the time.

SO Jon Graef prayed over me to be healed of the bipolar and freed from any powers tempting me to suicide, and I feel tons better this morning as a result.  I feel protected and safe from those kinds of thoughts and I pray that they never return again.  I feel like I can move forward and enjoy life again instead of wondering when the next crash is going to hit.  SO that is my testimony this morning.

I have a lot of errands to run this afternoon so I will wind up and get going on what all I have to do.  Grocery store, laundry, etc. We will see how it all goes.


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