Busy Busy Day

SO I haven’t been able to blog until now because I have had a busy day.  I went to see Dr. Bishop and told him I was trying to find my next career move and all that I am doing to facilitate that.  So that was a good talk.  Then I went to my college I was working for and turned in samples of my students’ work for the QEP  requirement and filled out a change of grade score for my student.  So that wraps up that chapter in my life.

Then I went to lunch with my middle child and Bob, which was nice. We ate at Fannin Mart, a country cooking place we all three enjoy.  We really, really like their entrees and sides and desserts–it’s one of our favorite places to go.

I’ve been doing some more submitting lately and will see if anything I have out there turns out for me.  I’m mainly concentrating right now on my short story manuscript THis Side Of Heaven and my chapbook Under The Sun.  I got Katrina, my MFA friend, to read my chapbook and suggest an altered table of contents, as in a different arrangement of the stories, to see if that made any difference.  I did have them just in the order I wrote them in, but I thought I would try something more thematic.

WEll. I have a bit more to get done so I will run do those things.  Hope everyone has a good day!



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