A Nice Maybe

Got wind of a very nice professional opportunity that would have me working as a freelance reporter again but this time in the mental health field.  The position depends on the organization getting a grant to fund pay for reporters so it may be a very long way off  before I hear anything from it.  But I am cautiously optimistic that this is just the opportunity that I have been looking for.  So hold that thought for me in your prayers.

Coping with hearing about something like this is difficult.  It’s hard not to build castles in the air thinking about it. But I just remind myself that it’s not my job–it’s God’s job and I just need to be patient and see where he leads me.

I am preparing to write my article for Defying Shadows–I am rereading all the books I want to recommend and forming the article in my mind.  We will see how it all goes.

WE will see about going through the rest of the day after I finish my sleep.  Hope everyone has a good Wednesday and a good rest of the week.

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