Summer Project

I have come up with a summer writing project!  A few years ago, I bought the grandmothers some little books to fill out for their grandchildren about their life, how they grew up, etc.  I also bought three for me to fill up about myself for my kids.  So this summer I am going to work my way through filling one out for each child.  I think it’s going to be a great use of my time, and I can give them for Christmas if I finish them.  I’m looking  forward to it!

Today though I do some cleaning up around the house before I start on that. I/m waiting on Candy and Christy to get here to get started.  So we will see how that goes.

I set myself a challenge yesterday to come up with ten MORE stories to do on mental health for the possible job opening I have had come up.  ANd I did! SO we will see what happens on that front.  I guess there’s no shortage of ideas once you get serious about it.  I sure hope it comes through.

My residency class opened up on Canvas so I went ahead and sent my packets in and signed up for workshop times. I have Paulette Boudreaux as my workshop leader!  SO I am excited about that.  Hopefully everyone will play nice that week and we will work on our writing while being kind to each other.

WEll, I suppose that’s enough excitement for one post.  My oldest comes home Sunday night and we are looking forward to seeing her for the first time in a year. Love to all and hope you have a great weekend!


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