She’s Home

So my oldest is home from Disney World for a short visit.  She is busy figuring out what she wants to take back to her new apartment now that she has more space.  I am finishing breakfast and we will run to the grocery store in a bit.  My parents are coming down to see her for lunch and visiting this afternoon so that will be nice.

We had a busy weekend–out youngest had her dance recital Saturday so that was a little hectic.  But it’s good to have out of the way. It went well and my youngest performed beautifully.  My middle one got to come–it was the first dance recital she has ever been to as a spectator instead of a performer. So she said that was fun.

I  am happy to have had them home for a while even if they weren’t all three here at one time.  I am looking forward to spending time with the oldest and all.  Mentally I’m in a  good place right now–no hypomania or depression  on the horizon. I have a post coming up at on May 22 so you can pop over to take a look at that when the time comes.

I guess I will sign off and go help the oldest.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week.

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