Late Night Posting

So today was an incredibly busy day of driving, getting settled, working in class, and eating out.  So I will post early tomorrow morning on my activities today.  I need to get my room together.  Hope everyone else had a productive day!

May 25–I meant ot post earlier before I left but I wound up not having that much time before I trucked out. Had a great drive up, almost no traffic until I got almost to Columbus.  I settled in at Harvey’s with some colleagues and we had a good lunch as always.  Came to campus fairly quickly and couldn’t get into the dorm–no one was here to let us check in.

So after we cleared up that snafu, I got to  my room and the tub was grotty–looked like someone had put potting soil in the drain and let it sit.  I couldn’t get it out so asked to switch rooms.  I had to go to workshop at 2 so I had to hurry through my notes to everyone then run over to the workshop.

They workshopped some of my poems and that went well. We went over other packets and got out just in time to run to the next meeting at 4 for orientation. But it was a really productive session and I enjoyed everybody’s readings.

After the orientation was over I moved into my new room and then went to the restaurant where we ate dinner, Mexican. It was all right, not great.

So today we have workshop, lunch, seminar, dinner, then free time afterwards. Tomorrow we start readings at night–I signed up for the first night as usual so we  see what happens.

Well, I am going in search of breakfast and will talk back tomorrow morning about today! Hope everyone is having a good weekend and wish me well as I go through this writing journey this next week.


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