SO yesterday was fun.  I got up early and went to breakfast at a cool little coffee shop down the street from campus and came back and did workshop. I was not read that day but had fun reading everyone else’s stuff.  The workshops are really positive here–there’s no raking over the coals because we concentrate on what worked in the pieces first and only if the author invites criticism do we offer that.  So they’re very gentle and affirming mostly.  I won’t be read today either at workshop–my turn is tomorrow.  I will be reading a work out loud tonight at a reading, but it noncontroversial stuff I think.  (We wiil see!),

Then we had a seminar on drawing up a book proposal/query to  a publisher.  That mostly applies to nonfiction like what I write but the techniques  can spill over into a agent query as well, so everyone got something out of it, I think.  It was a good talk.  I took copious notes so I can do a better job on the seminar paper tthis time around.

Well, I offered to drive people to the coffeehouse this morning so I need to get ready to go.  I will let you all know how the reading went tomorrow and go over the rest of the activities.  I’m having some high energy–I am waking up at si without an alarm and I am not dragging around like I do at home.  Maybe it’s just being in a different environment.

Here’s to a wonderful Sunday for everyone and a good beginning to your week!


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