The Reading

So I signed up to be the first reader at the public event last night.  I always do that so I  can set the tone for the evening.  🙂  I read “Above My Raising” which is my angry piece about watching a Hallmark movie with my inlaws.  So people were laughing at the beginning but stopped about halfway through.  I was surprised by their laughter.  I didn’t think the piece was funny at all.  I almost felt like they were making light of my anger?  Which is never a good feeling.  But I am trying to be chill with it and not let it bother me.  Most of the people there were there for the thesis reader, Thomas, who lives here in Columbus and maybe didn’t know what to expect from me.  So.

Otherwise everything is going smooth as silk.  No one is being a diva about any of their work (except me above) so that is making things very nice.  I am having fun talking to people about writerly things.  It’s like a class reunion with everyone you liked in your senior class.  We don’t see each other in their program since it’s so online except when we get together for the residencies.

I get a fiction piece workshopped this morning so I am looking forward to that.  I am trying to decide if I want to go to Cracker Barrell for breakfast or not.  if so I need to be getting dressed for that.  So I will run and see what is going on with that.


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