Waking Up

I woke up on time but didn’t get up immediately so now I am a little bit under the gun.  Had a wonderful workshop of my short story yesterday; my workshop leader made a wonderful suggestion to my story to amp up  the impact of the climax and  i’m certainly going to do it and soon.  SO that made for a very successful day.

Talked to Bob and made sure everything is right on the homefront.  They had a lazy Memorial Day so that was good.  He said they were holding up well so I am glad.

We didn’t have readings last night since it was Memorial Day so no excitement there.  We start them over again tonight.  One guy I am really nervous about hearing read.  His stuff si way out there, I hear.  But it’s only a five minute reading, so–we will see.

I think I am going to run eat breakfast now.  Hope everyone has a good start to their week.  Happy Tuesday!



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