Part of our work here at residency has been meeting with faculty about our writing and what is going on with it. During workshops I  have gotten fantastic feedback from my workshop leader, Paulette Boudreaux–she lives in California but grew up in Mississippi and is involved with the graduate program here as a fiction instructor.  She has published a novel that got a lot of attention a couple of years ago.
I got to meet with her for an hour yesterday afternoon to talk about what I can do to get that last little edge that is missing from my writing.  I was so honored to have her time because she was so straight with me about what was missing from my writing that could really help me with audiences, publishers, etc.
I told her that I knew a lot of times my narrators seemed to be a disembodied voice in the void  just talking to himself/herself.  She said I needed to get into the interiors with my characters and give a physicality to their feelings.  Show the reader what the narrator is feeling rather than tell them.  SO now I know what to do when I’m revising my thesis and my fiction.  We will see how it goes.
Everything thing else is going well as well.  I’m up for workshop for the last time tomorrow.  We get a break Saturday since we met early on last Friday; I will use the time to pack my car so I can go home early SUnday.
I guess I will get ready and go to breakfast.  I am staving.

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