Social Scene

So the others have developed a routine of going to Harvey’s for a happy hour immediately following our afternoon seminars but before the nighttime readings.   I feel uncomfortable  because almost everyone goes and I feel left out.  In my more paranoid moments, I wonder if they talk about me and the fact that I don’t drink.  Even the others who are on psychotropics go and drink.  I just don’t get it.

One guy who lives in Columbus invited everyone over to his house last night for a party celebrating the almost-end of residency and his passing his thesis defense, I guess.  I went but only stayed an hour.  I have never been around so much alcohol.  I left when one of the matrons in our program was nearing being drunk enough that she kept touching my shoulder for support.

Otherwise I have socialized well.  We meet up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the cafeteria or at different restaurants.   I seem to get along with everyone so that makes me feel good.  Some I have been around  more than others, so that is just the way that is.  I like to think I’ve made friends. We will see.

Residency is almost over.  We have today and tomorrow, and I will head back Sunday morning.  I’ve enjoyed myself but will be glad to get back home.  I hope I will take away some of the habits I’ve learned here about writing and keep them going.  I hope I can wake up on time and not have to sleep during the day.  I hope I can stay happy.  I plan to take my daughter out more instead of both of us holing up in the house all summer.  Grand plans, I know.  But maybe I can stick to them.


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