Back From Vacay

Back from vacation very refreshed and feeling good.  We had a wonderful time seeing all kinds of interesting things.  We went to the Billy Graham Library outside Charlotte, NC and had a wonderful experience there learning about his roots and his ministry.  It was wonderful to learn about him but a bit sad since he has gone from us and we may not see his kind again in our lifetime.  We also went to a plantation house very different from the ones we are used to seeing of the antebellum era around here.

WE went to two museums in Charlotte–both focusing on modern art–and Bob found more to like than he thought he might.  We saw some work from an artist we had admired a great deal at MOMA in NYC when we went years ago, so we bought a postcard of his art and plan to frame it for our bedroom as part of our travel collection.  We also saw a lot of Romare Bearden’s work; he was born in Charlotte so they had a good sampling of his art.

Then we went to Asheville and saw the Biltmore House.  It was so amazing architecturally and decoratively.  Truly an American castle. We had an interesting interlude on our way down from Asheville–we stopped off at a small historic downtown area that had a series of painted bears by local artists that they were exhibiting outside and were going to auction off to benefit various charities at the end of tourist season. We got lots of pictures  and had a good time poking around.

Then in GA we stopped off to see our middle one in Carrollton and spent a lot of time with her.  We got to take her out to dinner and visit her apartment for a bit   A really nice visit.  Then we took it easy today and drove back here.

And I wasn’t the least bit mental the entire trip.  I actually had days where I fotgot I had bipolar disorder. Those are hard to come by.  But no mania and no depression.  Very much appreciated.



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