I got jolted last night–I remembered I needed to turn in my Defying Shadows post for the month.  So I wrote it up in an hour or so and posted it.  It was on “10 things no one ever tells you about depression”.  I think it turned out well.  I posted it last night around seven since it was supposed to be the new post for today.  But I was a little scared for a minute that I might not be able to do it because I had forgotten.  But the words came like they always do.  So that was good.

In other news, Mississippi State lost out in the College World Series last night.  So depressing.  But there’s always next year. Lost to Vanderbilt then to Louisville.

Getting geared up to go visit my oldest down in Orlando in a couple of weeks.  That should be good.  Not sure how much we will actually see of her with her work schedule being pretty intense, but we should get to see her some at night.  We will find out closer to time if she will be off any of the time we are down.  Doubt it, but you never know with these people.

I need to go get ready to take my daughter and her friend to the pool in a bit.  We should leave before eleven.  We will hang out there for a while then take her friend back home and come here and eat lunch.  So I will sign off and start getting ready.  Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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