Good Morning

Started morning off well with breakfast with my friend Cindy.  We had a good talk and meal at Heart and Soul Diner this morning, talking about our kids and what all is going on with our lives.   So that was nice.

Now I’m home and getting ready to start the weekly laundry again.  I’ll start with Bob’s then do mine and my youngest’s.  Found out that my middle child is actually going to be able to be with us in Orlando, which we had been unsure about.  So that was exciting to hear this weekend.   We’ll all be together for the first time in a while.  So that will be fun.

I still have my peace and am glad of it.  I plan to try to keep myself occupied with other things these next two weeks before we head out again.  Not sure what I will do but will try to find some worthwhile project to hold my attention.  Or maybe not.  Maybe just try to spend time with my youngest.  We will see.

Hope everyone is having a good start to their week.  I will run and go do laundry now.  Happy MOnday!


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