Working on Laundry

It’s not glamourous, but it needs to be done.  So here I am.

I still have my peace.  Patience feels so much better than impatience.  I had really gotten in a bad place with being impatient.  I’m just going to wait and see what happens now.

Had kind of a bad night with the dish I had fixed for dinner refluxing on me.  I went and took my extra Nexium and it settled down, but I moved into another bedroom for a while since I was coughing.  SO I am really really tired and thinking about a coffee frappe to get woke up this morning. I’ll have to see about that.

Good news is that my manic symptoms have disappeared.  No more brain-spinning or pacing or any of that.  The bed news is that I am terribly sleepy again.  I’m trying to not go back to sleep now.  I need to start reading my books for class soon–I may wait until July to start.  We will see.

Need to run finish laundry.  Hope everyone is having a good day and a good week.



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