Happy Anniversary!

TOday is our twenty-sixth wedding anniversary.  So that is exciting in and of itself–that we have made it thus far.  It seems like not such a very long time ago that we got married, but I know it has been.  We have two grown girls and one that is well on her way, so that makes the years seem more real than thinking about the marriage does.  SO we will see how things go from here on out!

Bob says that my oldest has found an anniversary present he is going to give me so I will wait on that until we get to Orlando in a week or so.  He seems very pleased with what ever it is so I will trust that I will really like it.

I am going out to lunch with my friend Mary Jane today–she asked me to go with her a few weeks ago so that will be fun. Bob’s parents plan to take us out tonight for Bob’s birthday since we will be coming back from Orlando the day of.  I have Bob’s birthday present bought and will see if I can find something nice for our anniversary before we leave for Orlando.

Hope everyone has a good week ahead–I need to run get ready for lunch.  Happy Wednesday!



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