Third Time’s the Charm

The computer keeps eating whatever I try to post.  I’m not sure why.  Maybe it will work this time.

My youngest was supposed to go with a friend swimming today and the other parent cancelled since the child seems to have come down with something.  So today is even slower than we anticipated.  They have plans to get together Monday though.  So hopefully that will work out.

We did cook cookies–keeping some for the house and giving the rest away to the new neighbors.  Hopefully they will enjoy them.

I have appointments next week with the dietician and with Tillie.  Hopefully we can see some progress with my weight and I can talk to Tillie about the malaise I’m feeling.  It’s nothing new–I just can’t seem to counter it this time with independent activity.  But I am trying.

I suppose I need to do the youngest one’s laundry today.  I’ll get started on that. Hope everyone has a good weekend.


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