Not sure how coherent this is going to be.  I spent yesterday sick as a dog with my stomach so I am not firing on all cylinders today.

THe book festival on Saturday was wonderful.  Me and Mary Jane went and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.  We heard Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor speak, went to a Southern Humor panel with Harrison Scott Key, heard Anne Patchett speak, then I went to the Southern Fiction panel where Mary was appearing.  It was a ton of fun seeing everyone and talking up a storm to people.

And I spent all day yesterday in bed sleeping on and off after throwing up ini the morning.  Now Bob is home throwing up so it must have been a bug instead of just the food truck food I ate Saturday.

I start school this week on Thursday.  SO that has me excited.  I need to send off my tuition. Life had just interrupted me doing it.

Hope I continue to feel better and that Bob doesn’t; get too sick after me.   Hope everyone has a good beginning to their week.  I think I’m going to go play on social media.


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