Everyone’s Well!

As well as we ever are, I suppose I should say.  But the stomach bug is gone and my youngest didn’t get it so all is well on that front.

The podcast went live last night for my interview with Jack Criss–it’s on Anchor.fm under “Now See Hear with Jack Criss” if you want to give it a listen. I think I did okay except for overuse on the word “Um”.   I wasn’t thinking as fast on my feet as I usually do so I paused a lot.

In another two days I start class for this semester. I am looking forward to it!  I want to see what all I can write for my memoir this semester and get the Welty Residency out of the way.   So that is good to look forward to.

I finally got the last phone call for one of my MCIR stories yesterday and so the press should be rolling on that set of stories soon.  I look forward to seeing them onsite and seeing who all might pick them up.  ANd the money will be nice, too,

Well, I have a new story that came to me ysterday that I want to work on so I am about to start typing and see where it goes.




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