First Day Back

Lots of reading is in my future for this nonfiction workshop.  I naively thought it would just be he required textbooks. Nope.  A lot of supplemental reading as well as keeping and turning  in a reading diary where we’re supposed to pick out passages that struck us while reading.  So that is the way we start off.  I already posted my introduction and will be working on my upcoming flash piece due Sunday. My other class hasn’t opened yet so I am still waiting on its syllabus and whatnot.

I started on my nonfiction piece about the book fest last night–got four-five paragraphs done and sent out a bunch of feelers for further interviews so we will see how things go.  I am still thinking on what I want to do for my fiction piece–I am thinking maybe do two more sections and then wrap it up.  I don’t know.  It keeps saying it wants to be long and include more narrators, but all the other characters would be evil and I don’t want them to have their say so I don’t get the dreaded “unlikeable narrator” trope. Anyway.

So I’m going to start reading and see where I end up with nonfiction workshop.  Looking forward to a new semester!






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