Catching Up On Reading

I am reading for my nonfiction class–several pieces of flash nonfiction and essays on how to write flash nonfiction.  I am hoping I can improve enough in this class.  I need to keep my focus on what I am doing and not on what has to be done in the future.  I feel so much better that I want to plan ahead, but I’m not sure that I won’t get overwhelmed doing that.

That said, I have a short piece due Sunday on a “familiar object”.  So I think I’m going to write about my bed in our master bedroom.  What it looks like, how comfy it is, and how I tend to think that as long as I am in the bed, nothing can go wrong :).  So hopefully that will be interesting.

My youngest marches in her first football game of the year tonight, so I am all dressed in Brandon colors–that’s what I went shopping for yesterday.  Picked up a couple of other things–some new fall outfits and a new dress to wear to the Welty Gala in October.  So I did well picking up from sale racks and what not.  I’ve lost enough weight to go down and pants and dress size–so that was kind of nice to find out.

WEll, I guess it’s back to the reading.  Then to more writing.  Found out my mental health  MCIR articles will come out in early September.  So that is nice to know.  Hopefully they can help someone.




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