Finally I got started on my reading.  I went back to my habit of reading while soaking in the tub,  I can’t take notes on it or anything there but I can tab pages that I like and write them down later as to what I found interesting.  So it is a start.

I worked on my pages for my nonfiction class first and will start on my Welty reading tonight with the book Biloxi by Mary Miller.  So that is a mind game I have been playing with myself over with–at least I hope so.

We’re getting close to Bob’s surgery date–it’s next Tuesday, the day after Labor Day.  So he will have his hernia repair and be out of commission for a couple of days.  I hope it goes as simply as everyone is saying it will.

Friday night is my youngest one’s first away game with band and Bob and I are planning a date. We’re going out to eat and I hope we have fun.  Not sure if we’re going to do anything else than that but it will be a nice interlude.

My moods seem to be holding steady if I could just get rid of the sleepiness in the morning.  I went back to sleep again even after going to bed at nine  last night.  I dont’ feel depressed but I sure am acting it.  I want to feel good again.


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