Praying Hard

A friend of mine has a 22-year -old daughter in the hospital with an array of life-threatening conditions that developed from a collapsed inferior vena cava in her right leg.  They put in six stents and it’s thrown off blood clots throughout her body.  SO we are praying hard that she makes a complete recovery.

I am going to do an interview in a bit and that will complete my story on the missing son of my cousin back home and I’ll send it in.  That’s another sad situation. I get the feeling she may never see him again.

Sorry to sound so down.  I’m actually feeling pretty good today, not sleeping. I slept well last night–didn’t have that much trouble out of my cough so that was a blessing. I’m healing from that.

SO please pray for all of these requests if you feel so inclined.  Happy Monday!




Some Better

Even taking Nyquil I coughed all night.  But I’m not coughing as much today.  So maybe I’m on the mend.  I sure hope so.

MCIR has started releasing the mental health stories.  None of mine yet, but others in the series.  Mine are supposed to be released next week.  We will see how they go.

I need to do my homework for this week this afternoon.  Hopefully I will continue to feel better throughout the day and can complete it.  I/m just not firing on al cylinders mentally either because I’m not getting the sleep I need.  I keep trying and keep coughing.

My oldest is making plans for her home visit in November.  She seems excited about the prospect of being home for a few days.  We are excited to see her as well.  I think it will go well.

Hopefully I get to feeling better.  We will see.  Thanks for the prayers.  Hope everyone has a good weekend.





I sound awful.  My cough is hanging around and it hurts to cough but I can’t stop myself.  I guess I will have to start taking Nyquil at night to stop it and get the vicious cycle to stop.  I just feel so wiped out today.

I got my trip upstate done yesterday and was able to go visit my mom and dad for a little while.  I gave Mom her birthday present and she gave me what I had asked for–a pair of new Welcome mats for my doors.  I visited with them for a while and then went and talked to the mom of the missing person.  That was sad.  He’s sick with bipolar disorder, too, only his is manic with psychotic features.  It’s a really sad story.

WEnt and ran errands this morning and now am about worn out.  But if I lie down, I just cough and cough and cough.  Pray that I’ll sleep well tonight and not cough after I take the Nyquil.

Going Upstate

Going to Ackerman this morning to see someone who’s son has disappeared to do a story to spread the word about him and so maybe he will be found.  He has mental diagnoses, so that is the tie-in with my MCIR work.  I am going to talk to his mom about how his illness has affected the family and what difficulties they have had with him over the course of his life.  So we will see how that goes.

I will need to get gas and a Coke on my way out.    I coughed a little bit last night but didn’t have the acid coming up in my throat so that helped.  I’ll have the cough for a few more days then it will go away.

Trying to stay awake.  It’s so hard to stay awake in the mornings. Even when I sleep in I never feel like I got enough sleep.  I wonder why that is.

Going to see my middle child this weekend; she’s coming down to visit.  Hopefully she will be over her viral symptoms and will feel better–she’s been having congestion, etc.  So she says she is better and I hope so.  Midterms will be here before you know  it.

I guess I will try the sheriff’s office again about the missing person and try to set up an appointment with them  while I am up there if I can’t talk to who I need to on the phone.  Hope everyone has a good rest of the week and a good weekend.


Bad Night

My reflux acted up last night so I feel so bad today.  I didn’t sleep and I hurt so badly from coughing that I can’t lie down comfortably at all.  I hope i do better tonight because I have to drive upstate for an interview tomorrow on a story.  Pray that I will feel better throughout the day and be able to sleep tonight.



Happy Birthday to Me, Late

SO yesterday was my forty-ninth birthday.  I had an easy day–we went to church and then out to Amerigo’s for lunch since it was my special day.  Then I got my birthday presents–a bunch of “Peanuts” paraphernalia.  A figurine of all the gang reading while sitting around Snoopy’s doghouse, Peanuts thank-you cards, and a Peanuts Halloween ornament for my collection.  Bob had bought me a cake so we cut that and ate it.  So much fun!

TOday I went and followed up with my eye doctor about the shingles; he said everything looked good and asked if I had any pain or sensitivity, and I said no, so he said great! and sent me on my way.  So we will see how that goes.

I haven’t done much else than go to the eye doctor; I spent a long time waiting so that took a while. Now I’m waiting for Bob to get hoe for lunch and then I’ll go to the grocery store and see what I can find for dinner tonight and other stuff we need.  I am trying hard to stay awake for all of that.  I am sleepy.

I need to work out the logistics of doing my next MCIR story–I need to set up meetings and get information and all such as that.  We will see how it goes. I hope it turns out okay and they will run it with the others.

So I will start on that.  Hope everyone has a good day today and a good start to their week.  Happy Monday!

National Pepperoni Pizza Day

So Bob and I are going out to lunch to get pepperoni pizza today!  I’m looking forward to it–something to liven up the day.

Then I’ll go grocery shopping for food this weekend.  THe State game is at 3 p.m. so we can go out to lunch Friday too.  I meet a friend of mine for coffee at 9 a.m. tomorrow to interview her for a story I’m working on about mental health, so that will be fun as well.

Got a good report yesterday from the doctor about my shingles–looks like they’re healing properly and I’m not having the pain with them afterwards that some people do.  They just itch now, which he said meant they were healing up.  So that’s the way that went.

I follow up with my eye doctor Monday about them to make sure they haven’t affected my eyes. So that will likely tie up my morning that morning.

Sunday is my birthday–we’re going to eat lunch out and really celebrate next weekend when my middle one can come home and visit. And I’m coming up on my blogiversary as well, so you’ll hear a little more about that from me next week.

Hope everyone has a good weekend–I feel better than yesterday and I suppose that’s all I can ask for.  Thanks for all the good thoughts.


So Very Tired

That could be the title of the story of my life.  I’m like Fannie Lou Hamer–sick and tired of BEING sick and tired. I don’t know why I am feeling it so keenly this morning–but I am.

I strive to be positive and to have positive things to say every day.  Because my life is largely positive.  On the surface, I don’t have a thing in the world to worry about.

But I know underneath the surface I am a quaking mass of insecurity and doubt and fear and nerves.  I am delving into some of my memories of being young in my class writing, and it is bringing back a lot of bad memories of when I was sick and no one knew what was wrong with me–and didn’t seem all that interested in finding out.

Mental health awareness is gaining traction in our society.  I see on facebook everyday someone posting a meme trying to create awareness or a testimony to what their mental health team means to them.

But I am so tired of taking five psychotropic meds a day trying to keep my stability.  I keep feeling less than–like I should be able to handle life without them.  But I can’t and I know it and it makes me tired and sad to acknowledge that every day when I pour those pills into my hand and swallow them down.

Bipolar disorder in particular is a miserable disease because even if you wake up feeling good–that could be a symptom of your disease.  You cannot trust your feelings AT ALL

So pray for me today as I continue to cope with all the ramifications of my disorder and what it does to me every day.  Pray that I can find my joy again that doesn’t come out of a bottle or from my diseased brain.  Blessings to all.  Thank you.


Surgery Followup

Bob went to his surgery followup today and the doctor said everything looked fine and like it was healing well. He’s gotten to where he’s not taking any pain meds at all now so he is feeling pretty good.  Just a case of finishing recovery and slowly going back to doing everything he was doing before.

I turned in my second essay yesterday and made an edit today so I am feeling pretty good about it.  We will see how it turns out.  I also made a comment on the thread that the assignment this week (to posit a contrarian essay topic) made me very uncomfortable and I wanted some assurance that whatever I said would be understood and taken only as an assignment and not as a threat to anyone.  No response so far.

Getting close to lunch time where  I can take more of my shingles meds.  I  finish them tonight so that will be a relief not to have to keep thinking about taking them with every meal.   I take enough stuff normally and adding in three more pills was nerve-wracking.

Well. I’m going to go ahead and eat lunch.  Hope everyone has a good day and a good downslope to the weekend.







Story Published

Got my story finalized and up at Parhelion Literary Magazine.  It was heavily edited and some of it is a bit clunky, but I’m happy to have some more work out there.  I have another piece coming out in October from The Covey Club, so that will be exciting as well.i

I am trying to get my mind caught back up on everything that slid by while Bob was recuperating.  I’ve got laundry to catch up on, etc.  I need to clean up tabletops, etc.  Different little things that are going to be big things come Christmas if I don’t do them now.   That sort of thing.

I am still studying the briar patch my professor has put up for us to work on.  I just don’t know what to do for the assignment.

My oldest is getting over her sinus infection and my youngest is coming down with allergies.  Bob goes back to his surgeon tomorrow and will follow up with him.  I go back to my doctor Thursday and see how my shingles are doing.  They no longer hurt, unless I touch them with my fingers or something.  So that is good news.

Bob is home for lunch so I will close out.  Hope everyone is having a happy Tuesday!