Labor Day

Good holiday weekend so far.  My sister and cousin had a baby shower together this weekend and me, my youngest, and my middle one were able to go.  They had fun unwrapping everything–my sister is having a boy and my cousin is having a girl. so everything was blue for Summer’s baby and everything was pink for Casey’s.  SO that was how that spun out.  It was a long drive up and back but worth it to be able to go and see everybody.

I have meds to refill this morning–sometimes it happens that way where they all run out at the same time.  SO I am about to go pick those up.

Bob has surgery tomorrow so it will likely be late in the day before I can update the blog on how it went.  He will need some nursing care from me but I think we can manage.  He’s having a hernia repair so we will see how it turns out.  I hope it will be easy and uncomplicated.

WEll I need to run out before the drugstore closes for Labor Day.  Hope everyone has a wonderful week starting out and enjoys the last of summer We are still on hurricane watch with DOrian but don’t know anything new except it’s just sitting on the Bahamas gathering steam.


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