Post Surgery Day 2

Bob is doing better and so am I.  I still want to go back to sleep but I’m not staggering around like a dead man walking like I was yesterday.  So that is good. Bob is moving around better with less pain than yesterday, so that helps enormously to see him in better spirits.  He actually took a shower today with minimal pain so he feels better about himself in that as well.

I need to work on laundry but I am totally too tired to do it now.  I am going to go take my medicines and see if that helps.  I have to wake up more so I can do homework for this week–writing literary analysis is more brain consuming thatn just plain writing is. So I need to wake up in a hurry to do it.

Pray that I get woke up more and can do the things this morning.

My oldest daughter worked t Disney while some of the bands of Dorian did hit, it wasn’t as bad a predicted.  They are out of the danger zone now and we will see what happens to the Carolinas.  But she is safe and sound, called us yesterday and told us about how working went.  So it was good to hear from her then.

Hope everyone has a good end to their week and can just rock along through the weekend. Thanks for praying with us.

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