I sound awful.  My cough is hanging around and it hurts to cough but I can’t stop myself.  I guess I will have to start taking Nyquil at night to stop it and get the vicious cycle to stop.  I just feel so wiped out today.

I got my trip upstate done yesterday and was able to go visit my mom and dad for a little while.  I gave Mom her birthday present and she gave me what I had asked for–a pair of new Welcome mats for my doors.  I visited with them for a while and then went and talked to the mom of the missing person.  That was sad.  He’s sick with bipolar disorder, too, only his is manic with psychotic features.  It’s a really sad story.

WEnt and ran errands this morning and now am about worn out.  But if I lie down, I just cough and cough and cough.  Pray that I’ll sleep well tonight and not cough after I take the Nyquil.


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