Still Hurts

The shingles still hurt, but not as badly as they did when we first discovered them.  SO hopefully they are drying in and I will be fine within the week.

Sleepy still.  I woke up with everyone then went back to sleep.  I need to go to the grocery store and load up on things. I’ll probably do that then come back and eat lunch here.

I write another essay this week and we will see how it turns out.  It’s longer, so I will have some revising to do on what I already have down about this incident.  I know I can’t tackle it today–I’m too busy and sleepy.

Wow.  Just discovered I’ve jumped up to number 17 on the list of the top 100 Bipolar Bloggers available on Feedspot.  That makes me feel good.

Still waiting on MS Center for Investigative Reporting to put up my work.  And I got a full acceptance from Parhelion Literary Magazine for my artice on the Mississippi Book Festival.  That goes up tomorrow.  So it’s just going to be a cool week for my writing, I think.

It is so hot. September is usually dry in Mississippi, but the heat lasting this long into September is not business as usual. We usually start having a few cool snaps by now, but they’re not predicting anything cool anytime soon.  ANd we’re talking  high 90’s and ow 100’s still.

WEll I suppose I’ll start heading out to the grocery store.  I don’t want to.  I don’t want to be stared at.  But we are out of a lot of things so I have to.

Hope everyone has a good day today.  God will get us through it.



Yes, It’s True

I do have shingles in my upper eyelid.  THey sting and itch.  But they haven’t spread far so we are all hoping the doctors caught them in time so they won’t.  The big problems now are if the steroid they put me on (Prednisone) is going to run me crazy or if the eye itself begins suffering symptoms.

I need to finish revising my story for Parhelion but all this drama with my shingles has kept me from doing much of anything.

I am ready to go back to sleep.  I am so tired every morning. I’m still sleeping away from Bob since he had that hernia surgery and is still so sore in his abdomen.  I think that’s why I’m not sleeping well.

The bus just picked up my youngest one so now I am going to go back to bed.  Hope everyone else is having a better time of it than me.  I hate feeling sorry for myself. But these suckers hurt.



I feel more or less rotten.  I think I have shingles in my eyelid–it’s swollen with painful, itchy spots on it.  I want to go out and get something to eat but nothing sounds good to me right now.  I got laundry done but now just want to go lie down.  I have a doctor’s appointment at 1:15 p.m. and an eye doctor appointment at 2:30 p.m. to see if it’s just my eyelid or if it’s gotten into my eye as well and what to watch for.

I hate being sick. Stuff still has to get done even when I don’t feel like it.

I’m going to cut this short so at least I can eat something.  Pray for me to feel better and for this stuff to pass quickly if I can get medicine into my system to help it.


Again and Again

And the world loses another pastor to suicide.

I didn’t know anything about Jarrid Wilson until I just now read a report of his suicide.  I now know he was associate pastor at Greg Laurie’s church and he had been an advocate for mental health outreach within the church under his ministry Anthem of Hope.

I don’t know what led him to ultimately take his own life.  But I do know the hopelessness of suicidal ideation and the lies depression tells–lies that are so seductive and sweet.  “It’ll all be over if you just give in,” was my personal favorite to dwell on when I was so actively suicidal.

THat Wilson chose to do this on World Suicide Awareness Day troubles me.  Was he triggered into it  Did he not believe he could reach out and get help as so many had been helped by his openness and outreach?

I know I am just a small-time blogger.  I know I don’t; have a big reach.  But hear me–God intervened in my life twice to keep me from dying by my own hand.  I feel led everyday to share my hope with people–that depression can end with good treatment, good doctors, good therapy, and  hope in the Lord, the Great Physician.  I understand others beleive differently from me.  My story is my story, and I will continue to tell it until the Lord calls me home.

Pastors are human.  And humans make mistakes–always, every day.  Wilson chose to listen to lies generated b6 the faulty wiring in his brain.  I hope he has found peace. But I know his family’s own hell is just beginning.  I pray for them and for all others affected by this act.

If you need help with suicidal thoughts today, my comments are open and I want to talk you off the ledge if you’re there.  I’m here to listen.


Well, the cellulitis has gotten into my eyelid now and I look like I’ve been punched in the face. I hope it doesn’t get any worse.

Bob made it back to work today so he is doing well enough.  He still can’t bend forwards but other than that he is doing well with his freedom of motion.

I go see TIlllie today and have a lot to talk about.  I am still collecting information on the next set of stories MCIR would like to run so I am staying busy outside school.  We have a conference for school tonight and I hope it goes well.  I will be late because they are insisting that we have them at 5:15 p.m. right when Bob comes in for dinner.  SO we will see how that goes tonight.

I need to run get gas before I go see Tillie.  I think I will wrap this up and go ahead and go.  Hope everyone out there is having a good week and that we will continue to heal up around here.  Happy Tuesday!


Back to Work

Bob decided to try work today so he is gone.  ANd I went to the ER Saturday for achy red swollen bumps in my face and was told I had cellulitis and given antibiotics that either aren’t working or aren’t yet enough in my system to be effective because the swelling  has spread to my eyelid, nose, and under my arms.  I was going to wait for my regular doctor appointment tomorrow but  I think I’d better go today.  I hope they have an appointment open.

I’m slowly catching up on the reading for Welty–I finished a book and am composing my response to it in my head before I put it down on the page.  So that is going well.  I am staying up in my reading, whatnot for my other class so that is good as well.

I am holding together pretty well.  I drank a lot of Coke this week trying to stay awake and cope with everything.  I’m going to hold off on getting any more until I go to the grocery store later today (depending on what the doctor says).  But my mood has been remarkably stable for all that has been going on.

Long day ahead.   Hopefully I can get in to the doctor this morning. We will see.  Hope everyone is having a good start to their week. Keep praying for us as Bob continues to recover and as I work on whatever this infection is. Thanks!



Post-Surgery Day 3

So Bob tried to go to work without pain meds today.  Didn’t work out. He said sitting at his desk and twisting to do things hurt too badly to stay.  So he is back and taking the pain meds and will try again Monday.

My youngest has a game tonight but it’s away so we won’t go. Don’t think Bob could handle it anyway since he couldn’t handle work.  Hopefully he can pick her up tonight though at the high school.  But I doubt it so it will likely be me.

I was trying to lie down when he called and said he was coming back. I kept waking up last night so I am a bit sleepy today.  But not as exhausted as the past two days.  So that is improvement as well.

Not sure what else to say.  He is where I can leave him to run errands so I went grocery shopping yesterday. Not sure if I’m going to leave the house today.  But we will see how everything goes. Hopefully he can keep improving throughout the day.

Keep praying for us that he can continue to heal and feel better.  We will see what the weekend brings.  Hope everyone has a restful weekend and that the hurricane will ease back out to sea and fizzle out.  Happy Friday!



Post Surgery Day 2

Bob is doing better and so am I.  I still want to go back to sleep but I’m not staggering around like a dead man walking like I was yesterday.  So that is good. Bob is moving around better with less pain than yesterday, so that helps enormously to see him in better spirits.  He actually took a shower today with minimal pain so he feels better about himself in that as well.

I need to work on laundry but I am totally too tired to do it now.  I am going to go take my medicines and see if that helps.  I have to wake up more so I can do homework for this week–writing literary analysis is more brain consuming thatn just plain writing is. So I need to wake up in a hurry to do it.

Pray that I get woke up more and can do the things this morning.

My oldest daughter worked t Disney while some of the bands of Dorian did hit, it wasn’t as bad a predicted.  They are out of the danger zone now and we will see what happens to the Carolinas.  But she is safe and sound, called us yesterday and told us about how working went.  So it was good to hear from her then.

Hope everyone has a good end to their week and can just rock along through the weekend. Thanks for praying with us.

Post-Surgery Day 1

Bob’s still badly sore form the surgery but he is moving around better and functioning better–he’s  cut down on the pain medicine from every four hours to every six and down from two pills at a time to one. so he’s not as fuzzy-headed as he was yesterday,

I am on the other hand a wreck.  I thought I slept solid but I am wandering around like a zombie.  I need more sleep and can’t get it as long as he is awake and needing me.  I’m on my second Coke of the day and just feel like garbage.

Pray for us both during this recovery period.

Surgery Day

SO today has been a long day.  Bob’s surgery went well with no complications, the surgeon said.  SO that was  good. Bob’s in a pretty good bit of pain every time he moves so he is moving carefully.  But he’s not just staying down; he is up walking around a bit to as to not let his muscles seize up.

SO that has pretty much been my day. I’ll type more tomorrow when I dont’ have to keep such a close eye on him.  Hope everyone has  a good week!