Second Day

SO today we discuss a few books in the morning and poetry in the afternoon. So that is going to be interesting today.  We will have one of the authors with us for her discussion so that will be good.  We got so off track last night into social justice issues that Kiese Laymon brought out in his memoir–it felt more like a therapy session than a book discussion.  But no one got onto us for doing that so I guess it was okay.

Tomorrow we start the actual symposium with a keynote reading tomorrow night and then one full day of readings then another half day on Saturday.  Then we get to go out to lunch with the authors or gom on home–I know I’ll be leaving out before lunch because I just want to get back home.  I’ll probably eat at Harvey’s again on my way out of town because getting to the other restaurant takes you out into the country and I’m just not sure if it’s on Google Maps to get out there and back.  So I’m not taking the risk.

I’m feeling pretty good except for itching from everywhere.  We’re sleeping out in a environmental center with cabins and something is itching me up.  My eyes itch, the insides of my ears itch, my skin itches, my nose itches, Etc.  I would take a Benadryl but that would also make me sleepy.

Speaking of that, I think I’m about to go get a Dr Papper.  Hope everyone has a good Wednesday.  Be back with more updates tomorrow!




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