Gala Night

SO last night was the Welty Gala and it was something of a disappointment.  Joh Feinstein talked basketball the whole time, which is wasted in a football state like ours.  I don’t think he won anyone over to buy his books at his talk.  I was cheeky since he had talked about Title XI so I asked him about trans athletes, and he gave me the typical liberal answer.

Some of the black women in our author lineup applauded me for asking it–one told me “You had a good question and your answer, the answer he gave you, was trash!”  So I though that very interesting.

I am definitely going to try to sell this story to the Bitter SOutherner–I need to write up the proposal and send it off this morning.  See who bites at it.  I hope it does better than the last article I sent them.

I am waiting for my article on rollerskating to finally come out–not sure when it’s supposed to but I will see.  I’ll check the website and see if it is there.  SO I am just a busy bee right now.

Going to eat lunch with my middle child and see what she has to say.  Hopefully we can have a good visit.  I wish we could have met up at some other point, but the schedule wouldn’t allow it.  So there.

SO I will go and send off my proposal and see what we come up with.  Hope everyone has a great weekend and a lovely start to next week.


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