New Nephew

My new nephew Knox Liddell King is here finally!  Almost eight pounds and with a headful of black hair according to my mom.  No pictures yet but she said Summer (my sister) and Knox were fine.  So that is exciting. We may not see him until my oldest comes home and we go up.  SO they can get him home and settled in and we won’t be underfoot. My daddy is so over the moon about finally having a boy in the family.  He just had me and my sister, then I had three girls, then she had a girl, so he had about given up hope.  But now he is excited, it seems.

Had a good day yesterday-I worked on my essay for class and cant get it to write one word past 2,000 words. I’m just out of words.  I may try to dig up some research on what I’m writing about (bipolar obsessions) to fill it out the rest of the way.  We will see.

I think I am about to run and go get lunch and then go grocery shopping.  I am trying to stay awake and not succeeding very well.  I am so sleepy.  But the baby is here and no more time to worry about him.  God is good.  Hope everyone has a good weekend.



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