Slept In

Really slept in this morning–I didn’t get going until 10:20 a.m. getting ready to meet my friend Anita for lunch.  We had a good visit–just talked about kids and family stuff.   She had to head out quickly as she had a work conference call at 1 p.m. and had to drive back to Castlewoods.  But we enjoyed chatting and having a good time.

We got enough Halloween candy I think.  Four big bags.  We should hand it all out–we have a lot of trick or treaters every year.  We need to buy some for church as well and donate it. We may go shopping for that tomorrow.  My youngest has dance practice then a competition locally for band, so she will be out of pocket most of the day.  We will see how it goes.

This time next week my oldest will be here.  She is coming in for a four day visit–we will go up Sunday and see my parents and sister and my new baby nephew.  So hopefully that will go well.

I need to get going on my papers and should start Monday at the very latest.  I want to get them done before my oldest gets here so I need to crank those out.  I think it will be okay to do–i am going to write about Kendra Allen’s book and mention a few others for the Welty paper and see what I can do with the craft paper for Nonfiction Workshop.  We will see how that turns out.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.  WIsh me well getting everything done before my oldest gets here.  Thanks for reading.




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