Good Morning!

Yucky weather this morning–misting all morning and no sunshine.  They say the sun will come out later in the afternoon, so we will see if it clears up.

My oldest comes home this weekend for a visit–we have plans for different things to do so we will likely  be busy all weekend.  I go see Dr. Bishop tomorrow so we will see what goes on there.  I will try to see Tillie after him–hopefully I will get out from seeing him in time to keep my appointment with her at 12.  Going to be a long day certainly but I need to talk with Tillie about my talk with Bob and this deep anxiety I feel.

Need to work my way through the two papers I have due this weekend–one ofr the Welty Symposium and one for Nonfiction Workshop.   I have started the Welty one but plan to finish it soon and don’t really know where to start the other one. But I’ll manage before long.

Don’t know much else to say.  I am just trying to keep up with everything and manage the best I can.  I’m not struggling yet but I can see it from here–hopefully TIllie will give me some answers so I can avoid going down hill through the holidays.

Hope everyone has a good week.  Happy Monday!

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