Still Angry

ANd slipping into a deep depression because of it. I can’t seem to organize my mind around doing anything–Christmas, writing, nothing, I don’t know what to do with the anger.  I have an appointment with Tillie on TUesday but I’m not sure I can last that long.  I have too many deadlines to give it any more space in my head. I just need to write through this week and then I can concentrate on Christmas but it’s going to be so hard.

I’m trying to take care of myself as much as possible.  I’m trying to get lots of sleep, trying not to hurt myself with food, and just handle business as it comes.  Talking to people.  What scares me is trying to finish everything up for school and not sure if I’m going to be able. And do my other story for MCIR.  I/m just frozen solid.

I need another dose of good news.  Because right now everything looks pretty bloody bleak.


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