So Hectic

Bob asked me last night what I had going on today–and I suddenly remembered I had a dentist’s appointment in addition to an appointment with Tillie.  So that will make things complex this morning.  I had to call Candy and let her know and the guy fixing and painting our garage.  Hope everyone got their messages and it’s all lined out.

WE’re going to have a blue garage interior–we don’t know the original paint formula so we are just repainting it to match the interior of the house.  As I expected, we’re putting off the office renovation until February so our oldest daughter and her boyfriend can come and stay with us for a visit to meet him. So that is how that will go.H

I need to do my last assignment for class this afternoon and then I will be finished with school until mid-January.  The start over with a brand-new class they are offering, so that will be interesting to be the guinea pig for that.  Then I am done with classwork and will work on my thesis starting in the summer and going forward until defense the next summer.

So I have a lot to look forward to.  Hopefully it will all go according to plan and I will have my degree on schedule.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Happy Tuesday!



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