SHopping was incredibly successful this year-we got everything on the list and a few extras for the bingo party upstate with my mom’s family.  I’ve even got a lot wrapped already where I got a burst of energy once we got home.  WE shipping presents to my oldest now that we have them all–Bob took them out to ship this morning. I hope hope hope they are careful with them packing since some of it is fragile–the framed Christmas cards especially.  I prayed over those so they would make it successfully.

I wish I could sleep in but I need to revise my paper and get laundry done this morning.  THe painter is here working on the garage so that will be taken care of from where y oldest punched a hole in it with the car.

We gave my mother-in-law her birthday present yesterday–her birthday is Tuesday  SHe enjoyed looking at it in the box–she said she would take it out and set it up when she got home–it was a china Christmas tree from Lenox.  I hope she does enjoy it–I think it will be sitting on her table Christmas morning.

Well, I need to start typing on my paper.  Wish me well.


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