SO far Monday has started off pretty okay–went and picked up Bob’s new computer from Best Buy after they did the software installation, etc.  WE’re going to donate the old one to our old daycare if they can use it.

We had a pretty uneventful weekend; we went to the Christmas program at church Saturday night and it was very good–lots of good music and performances.

I have things I need to do but I am very, very sleepy.  Not sure if any are going to get accomplished today.  I’m done with my semester so that makes me happy–it was a very good exercise and I got a lot of good work down on paper.  Not sure what next semester is going to be like but we will see.  Then thesis.

We also looked at office furniture for when we convert my youngest’s old bedroom to an office later next year   We saw some really pretty options and I look forward to getting it done.  But I need the middle child to be home for some time to help me clean it out of her stuff.  So that’s going to be interesting to schedule.

Well. let’s see what else I can get accomplished.  Pray for y energy to hold up to finish wrapping and doing for Christmas.




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