Sore Throat

I have a bad sore throat and earache and tiredness so of course I can’t see the doctor until 3:15 tomorrow. I don’t even want to eat it’s so sore. I had box chicken noodle soup for lunch so that helped me eat. I will have to see what we’re going to do for dinner because I don’t feel well.

I just woke from taking Nyquil earlier today so we will see how I feel in the next little bit. I saw my eye doctor before that and that went well.

Spoke to my oldest today while Bob was here during lunch.   She sounded in good spirits–her and her boyfriend are going to celebrate Christmas Monday when they are both off and she will open presents we shipped her then.  Hope she enjoys them all.

WEll I may just go back to bed.  Hope everyone else avoids getting sick and enjoys the holidays.




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