Throat Infection

Was the diagnosis, although now I’m coughing with a runny nose as well.  But I got a shot and an antibiotic pill set so we will see how it goes.  My throat is not as raw as yesterday and the earache is already better so that helps.

I’m waiting for my youngest to come home from school this morning and my middle one to come in late this afternoon.  We will see how they are doing.  I am going to try to get the youngest to help me make cookies for  Christmas and see if my middle one will cook dinner tonight with me.  I am feeling more like doing stuff but think I will need help.

Got to look at page proofs for an essay being published early next year. Saw one typo in the bio information but everything looked good beyond that. So that was nice.

I guess I will go lie back down and rest some more.  Hope everyone has a good weekend leading up to Christmas!



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